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Project manager job

managerIt is the job of a projectmanager to achieve a project result in the most successful way possible. The influence of the manager (or projectleader) on te progress, the team, and result of the project is very big. The qualities that a projectmanager should have depends on various situations and the complexity of the project at hand. In most situations specific knowledge of the subject of the project is a big plus. But basic knowledge of project management comes a long way in all kind of projects.

A project is never the same, so experience builds character and goes a long way. A project manager is also never the same, making certain projects more suitable for a certain managment style or manger type.


Projectmanager quality and skills

Projectmanagement can be learned, but if you own a lot of the basic skills to be a successful projectmanager you have an advantage to be a real great projectmanager compared to others. The basic list of skills that a project-manager more or less needs to have are:


  1. Be result orientated.
  2. Be motivating to the team.
  3. Be practical.
  4. Be supporting.
  5. Be entepreneurial.
  6. Be analytical.
  7. Be communicative.
  8. Be a good negotiator.
  9. Be able to handle with uncertainties.
  10. Be a good organizer.
  11. Be a more or less a specialist in the enviroment and conent of the project.


If you do well in most of the above points, you should be able to manage a project quit well. Nevertheless you should always try to improve in area's you might be less good at.


Basic quality of a projectmanager

We talked about the basics of a good projectmanager. But what makes a great manager compared to average or just a good manager, is the feeling you develop for handeling all the subject of projectmaagement the right way. Great management often shows when a projectmanager has great eye for the task and results of the project, but also for the development and individual needs and goals of the projectteam and others involved with the project. Succes can be a creation, and your project should generate possitive energie from those involved, which helps the flow, results and the eventual succes of a project.


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