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Organisation and projectmanagement


organisationWhitin the projectplan there is also room for defining the organisation involved around the project. By using an organisation chart you should be able to define the members of the projectteam, the client and all other people who are somehow involved in the project. This gives a good overview of the project and the relation to all parts of the project and even related projects.

When organizing a project and a team to make it come alive, you should be searching for people that complement each other with specific knowledge or an important overlap in skills. A good and enthousiast team can either make or brake the succes of a project. When it comes to project leadership and project team members you should always try to avoid getting people in the team that don't really want to be, or are forced insome way to play a ceratin part. In fact, when you are a project manager and someone asks you to do a certain project, you should always ask yourself if you are commited enough to do the job and to give it all to do it right.


Roles and RACI-structure

When you define the different roles within the project, you should set all resposibilities for all the activities in the project, and make clear what is expected from everyone in the projectorganisation. The R.A.C.I.-model, als discusses in the RACI TEAM chapter, should get a prominent place within the projectplan. With all activities pointed out in the right way, there is almost no room left for misunderstanding.


Basic RACI-model example (also discussed in our TEAM chapter):

Within the projectplan the responsibilities of the teammembers are recorded, in the form of a R.A.C.I schedule or matrix. The RACI-matrix usually follows after making a basic 'Work breakdown Structure' or 'WBS' with the projectteam at the start of the project and the forming of the projectplan.

The letters of the RACI-model (or even RASCI or CAIRO) stands for:

Added letters could be:

To give you a basic idea of how the RACI-model works and looks, the picture below is a RACI type matrix, where you can see the activities on the left, and the teammembers on top. Putting the right letters in the right box gives everyone a fast and complete overview of the responsibilities in the team.





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