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The projectplan as the project contract


When you start as a projectmanager with a new project, the first thing you have to do is get all the information you need from the client to make up a good projectplan that in fact will be the contract between you and your client.

After forming a projectteam you have to give shape to this projectplan in a way that all the inportant subjects of projectmanaging are in there, and most importantly the definition of the exact result. Project management is all about managing risks and planning ahead as good as possible, to forsee certain situations and act on time when the flow or result of a project is in danger.



Projectplan basics

A basic projectplan is build up with all necesary general information, but is specificly filled with the vital peaces of information and basic control systems. Making a good project plan makes you and your team think the whole project through, and let's you make conections to the vital information you need to get the best results. The content of a good projectplan consists of:


  1. The project definition and goals.
  2. The stucture and phasing.
  3. The control systems; Time, Money, Quality, Information, Organisation.
  4. Risk analysis.


For more detailed information of the separate content of the projectplan, please take a look at the specific subjects in the main menu. Especialy the project control systems have separate information pages.


Projectplan and confirmation

building plansThe projectplan is an important tool in projectmanagement and lets you think about your project in an early stage, filtering all information and setting up for a successful proces and result. An important step after finalizing a projectplan is to let the teammembers ans the projectclient confirm the content of the plan and signing the document. Ofcourse the document is going to be used as a tool in the process, and changes can be made after informing or consulting with a client. But with a good plan, all the consequenses of a change can be seen very easily, monitoring and controlling the project is much easier and everybody involved knows exactly what's going on in the project.



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