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Project organization

Organization of a project

Within the project plan you should define the project organization. By using an organization structure or chart you should be able to define the members of the project team, the client and all other people who are somehow involved in the project. The result should be a clear project team structure with all parts to play in the project.

When organizing a project and a team to make it come alive, you should be searching for people that complement each other with specific knowledge or an important overlap in skills. A good and enthusiast team can either make or brake the success of a project.

When it comes to project leadership and project team members you should always try to avoid getting people in the team that don’t really want to be, or are forced in some way to play a certain part. In fact, when you are a project manager and someone asks you to do a certain project, you should always ask yourself if you are committed enough to do the job and to give it all to do it right.

Team structure content

The structure of a project team should at least give you insight in the following roles:

project organization
  • The client
  • The project manager
  • The lead members of sub projects
  • The team members
  • Certain roles in supporting the project

It comes in handy to complete the organization structure with contact information of all people who play a part in the project. The more information you can easily share, the better all communication will become.

Roles and RACI-structure

When you define the different roles within the project, you should set all responsibilities for all the activities in the project, and make clear what is expected from everyone in the project organization. The R.A.C.I.-model, as discusses in the RACI TEAM chapter, should get a prominent place within the project plan. With all activities pointed out in the right way, there is almost no room left for misunderstanding.