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Quality management

Quality management in project management

Important about quality management it that both project manager and client agree about the level of quality that can be expected from the project result. Te quality of the project result eventually is a result of the wishes in the beginning, a good project plan and a secure project process. It is hard to exactly define the quality at the start of the project, because the final approval of the project result can only be done at the end of the project by the client.

Quality based projects tend to be more satisfying than money or time based project. There is always tension within the triangle of time, money and quality. One just doesn’t go without the other. When time pressure is on, you bet it effects the quality and cost of the project. You should always try to get the right mix to make a project successful, but never loose the intended quality out of sight.

manage quality
A small project, but award winning nonetheless, because of the quality design and use of wood.

Quality levels

The quality of a project can be made up with all kinds of aspects, but mainly you should aim for the quality level that exceeds the expectations of the client. This way if you just fail to achieve this level of quality you will automatically fall back at a level that the client counted on in the first place and your project is still successful. When you do make the step to the extra level of quality in your project result, you will be cheered for the excellent performance and it will most likely have a positive effect on the project team and project environment.

Quality management system

In the project plan you make up the quality system of the project. To make sure you make a complete summary of quality requirements, and to make sure you monitor the system, you could use these steps:

  1. Define the quality criteria.
  2. Set the order of importance of the quality criteria.
  3. Check if your project and project team is properly equipped to manage the specific qualities.
  4. Set the right management methods and actions for the specific qualities.
  5. Set the responsibilities for the actions and monitor the quality management during the process.

You should find useful quality management systems on the internet that suits your situation or project and can be used and added in your project plan.