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Project Team

Project Team

The project team consists of all the people who play a part in the temporally project organization and contribute to the project result. A project team often is dynamic because some parties are only involved with the project in a certain phase.

A successful project team has focus on the main result, but does not neglect the individual goals of the team members in the process so they can maximize their effort in relation to the project. A very useful tool when it comes to dividing tasks is a RACI model. This helps keeping a clear view on all responsibilities.

Project team selection

The selection of team members starts at the beginning of the project, in the initiation phase. Within the team it must be clear what roles there are, what tasks need to be done, and who is responsible. This can be made clear with a good raci or rasci model. The first thing the team has to do is to make a complete project plan, to be able to control the project. A raci model or rasci model is a part of this project plan. (see our page about the project plan for more information). The main qualities a good project team has to have as it comes to good project management are as follow:

  • Have the right expertise
  • Communicate openly to each other
  • Be a creative group
  • Give each other space for individual ideas
  • Discuss in a n effective way
  • Make unanimous decisions
  • Be able to handle criticism

Building a team

When forming a project team it is not always sure at the beginning if the team is complete and if the right persons are in the team. When you kick off the project, preferably using a good project startup (PSU), all becomes clearer. It is very important to get commitment of team members, but also give space if someone doesn’t feel the role they should play.

A project team evolves during a project. Sometimes changes during phases of the project. At the core there is always the project manager who does just that for the team, the project and the results that they all set out to get.

  • Basic RACI example

Within the projectplan the responsibilities of the teammembers are recorded, this could be done in the form of a R.A.C.I schedule or matrix. The RACI – matrix usually follows after making a basic ‘Work breakdown Structure’ or ‘WBS’ with the projectteam at the start of the project and the forming of the projectplan.

The letters of the RACI model (or even RASCI or CAIRO) stands for:

R = Responsible

A = Accountable

C = Consulted

I = Informed

Added letters to raci could be:

S = Supportive

O = Out of the loop (if someone needs to be explicitly out of the proces)

To give you a basic idea of how the RACI-model works and looks, the picture below is a RACI type matrix, where you can see the activities on the left, and the teammembers on top. Putting the right letters in the right box gives everyone a fast and complete overview of the responsibilities in the team.

Raci example: