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The Definition of a project

You can call a lot of things a ‘project’. Usually the word is used when there is a lot of work involved to get something done or to change. when it comes to the art of project management there is a definition of what should be called a project. Thereby meaning a project that should be managed in some sort of way, to keep focus on the project and manage all part of the project and reduce risks.

The definition of a project is there to make the difference between a task and a project. Off coarse tasks can be difficult and cost a long time, but it can be manged fairly simple, even been done by one person.

The key definition of a project is:

a project
  • It has to be temporary (no on going process)
  • It has a defined start point
  • It has a defined endpoint
  • It serves a specific goal
  • It focuses on specific results
  • It has a client or top manager who gives the order for the project
  • It has a specific budget
  • It contains multiple disciplines of work

If you project has all or most of these characteristics, then congratulations. This means you have a real project on your hands and you are at the right place to help you with information to manage this the best way.

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